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  • Never bluff with a player already all-in. Remember, you want to knock people out, and sometimes that means you want other people in the hand.
  • Always wait your turn to bet, so you don't give away your move too early.
  • When you make a pair, see how high the pair is on the board. Top pair is always worth more than middle pair.
  • Remember people are far more likely to play Kings and Aces than fives and sixes. You are a lot more likely to be in trouble if there is a high card on the board than a low card.
  • When someone is all-in, the rules change a little. 10-9s is a great hand to see a flop with, but it is not a good hand to call an all-in with.
  • Know when your hand is in danger. Be careful with the straight when three cards of the same suit are out, and watch out with your flush when the board pairs.
  • Don't let good hands get outdrawn. If you've got it, bet it. You want to make people pay to chase their draws.

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